Equiniti KYC Solutions – BCP – Risk Management Framework – Crisis Simulation

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Visverwerkingsbedrijf – Meerdere BCM projecten
22 oktober 2015
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Alarmcentrale – Opstellen BCP
22 oktober 2015
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Equinit KYC Solutions - BCP - Risk Management

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  • OpdrachtOpstellen BCP en Risk Management Framework, Uitvoeren crisisoefening

Equiniti KYC Solutions biedt wereldwijd complexe Know Your Customer compliance en due dilligence diensten aan vanuit haar vestigingen in India en Nederland. Daarnaast levert zij diverse FinTech services aan onder andere financiële instellingen.

Voor Equinit KYC Solutions hebben wij een Risk Management Framework en Business Continuity Plan (BCP) opgesteld. Voor de leden van het Crisis Management Team is tevens een crisis management training en crisis management simulatie oefening georganiseerd ter implementatie van het opgestelde BCP.


Equiniti KYC Solutions (formerly KYCNET) hired BCM Specialist Alex Hoogteijling to help set up a business continuity policy and process in late 2015. Alex was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to walk us through the entire process, help us draft a robust policy and offer suggestions for appropriate recovery targets. When we were acquired by Equiniti in early 2016, Alex worked with Equiniti business continuity specialists to bring us in line with group standard quickly and painlessly.

I would unreservedly recommend Alex for any organisation which delivers business critical services.

Nick Amodeo, Commercial Director of Equiniti KYC Solutions