Supply Chain Resilience Report 2016

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18 november 2016
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23 november 2016

Supply Chain Resilience Report 2016

The Business Continuity Institute, in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group, recently published its annual Supply Chain Resilience Report, a report that provides valuable insight into supply chains, and helps benchmark the business continuity arrangements of organizations in this area. It also demonstrates how specific key behaviours reinforce good practice and build an organizational culture contributing to supply chain resilience and performance.

One of the key findings in the report was the high cost of disruption as one in three organizations claimed to have experienced cumulative losses in excess of €1 million during the last year as a result of supply chain disruptions. Despite a decrease in the percentage of organizations that experienced at least one disruption, the report did reveal that those organizations had suffered more of them.

You can download the report here:

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